I'm Sharon Wegman, and I specialize in helping faith-based leaders hone their ministry skills to bring life-changing and lasting healing to their community.

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After 28 years of working as a licensed counselor and 35 years serving in local church communities, I shifted my counseling practice to serving leaders.

The pandemic started a mental health crisis throughout the world. We saw it in our counseling office, and the leaders I worked with saw it in their ministries and congregations. They were struggling with knowing how to handle some of the crises people brought to them, and were seeing some people remain in unhealthy patterns or choices even after lengthy and in-depth prayer ministry. 


I realized that these leaders were effectively doing what I do, but had been trained very differently. They were well-versed and effective in applying spiritual tools to their community, but lacking in the brain/body education I received that was the reason some of the people they ministered to were staying stuck. 

This training program was birthed to fill in that gap, and to equip and empower faith-based leaders even more in the area of healing. When we understand the complex body and brain God designed in us, and pair it with the spiritual tools, the counsel and healing we can provide to people is life-changing.

My Expertise:

Helping ministry and church leaders learn new ways to minister to people that brings true and lasting healing and change in that person's life. 


Who I Work With:

Faith-based leaders who desire more tools to bring about healing in a way that addresses not just the spiritual, but the body and brain as well.

This includes:

👉🏻 Pastors

👉🏾 Faith-based leaders

👉🏽 Church Administrators

👉🏿 Lay Leaders

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Sam T.

"Even as a professional counselor and mediator, I have found this training to be very beneficial. It is presented in an easy-to-comprehend fashion, is psychologically sound, and biblically solid."

Cristina R.


“Sharon's speaking engages the senses. She has the skill to take all levels of learning material, with the use of stories and examples, to both teach and entertain. Her topics are timely, her content is stretching, and her ability to weave it all together into application is extremely satisfying.  I always come away with action steps I can easily incorporate into my active life.”

Marilou S.

Masters of Divinity

“I have been privileged to learn from Sharon Wegman in a variety of settings, and in each and every setting I have expanded my spiritual knowledge immensely.  Sharon has an incredible ability to make complex information easily understood and absorbed.  I come away from each session knowing more about principles in the kingdom of GOD and how to gain a better footing in real life situations."

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There is a way to bring lasting, life-changing healing to the people you serve in your ministry.  

As someone in the position of caring for others (often in crisis) you are in a similar role of a mental health counselor. However, you weren't trained in the same way! In this training, I explain what was missing from your education, and the reason behind why people can stay stuck in their journey to find healing. 

Watch this training where I'll teach you what roadblocks we can experience in leading people to healing: