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The brain-body connection and its relevance in healing

The Trauma-Informed Ministry

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You Are Ready To Become Fully Equipped To Bring About Healing In Your Ministry?

This 9 week, self-led, online program will teach you everything you need to know about addressing the brain and body to bring lasting change in healing in a person's life. You’ll gain:

  • The confidence to successfully and effectively handle and address crisis situations that you encounter in your ministry
  • A deeper understanding of how negative life experiences impact the people in your community
  • The resources and knowledge that mental health professionals receive to help guide someone through crises and administer healing 

Your role asks you to do very similar work to therapists, counselors, and other people who are first in line when hard times or crisis occurs. This program equips you with what might have been missing from your education.

Sam T.

"Even as a professional counselor and mediator, I have found this training to be very beneficial. It is presented in an easy-to-comprehend fashion, is psychologically sound, and biblically solid."

Cristina R.


“Sharon's speaking engages the senses. She has the skill to take all levels of learning material, with the use of stories and examples, to both teach and entertain. Her topics are timely, her content is stretching, and her ability to weave it all together into application is extremely satisfying.  I always come away with action steps I can easily incorporate into my active life.”

Marilou S.

Masters of Divinity

“I have been privileged to learn from Sharon Wegman in a variety of settings, and in each and every setting I have expanded my spiritual knowledge immensely.  Sharon has an incredible ability to make complex information easily understood and absorbed.  I come away from each session knowing more about principles in the kingdom of GOD and how to gain a better footing in real life situations."

This Program Is For You If...

  • You're curious about the healing process
  • You've ever felt stuck in helping someone
  • You watch the people who you've helped repeat the same patterns or decisions
  • You want to provide best-fit care specific to the individual who is seeking help
  • You're ready to take the next step in your training and education as a leader

Your 9 week program will include...

- Lifetime access to 9 units of video lessons that you can work through at your own pace to fit your unique schedule
- Lifetime access to the assessments, worksheets, reference sheets, downloads, questionnaires, and resources that accompany the video lessons
- Instant access to any additional videos and resources that are added as the course continues to grow
Unit 1

Introduction to Trauma

The lessons in this unit are geared toward giving you an understanding of trauma and the fundamentals needed to become trauma informed:

  • Trauma and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Big T, little t
  • Trauma in Everyday Life
Unit 2

The Science Behind Trauma

This unit goes into detail on the brain and body science of trauma, and how it impacts and alters our day-to-day functioning:

  • Implicit Memory and Triggers
  • Negative Coping Mechanisms
  • The New Meaning of Renewing Your Mind
Unit 3

Trauma in Childhood:

This unit explores the impact that trauma has on childhood, and the relevance and significance of our formative years:

  • Attachment Part 1
  • Attachment Part 2
  • Agreements
Unit 4

Trauma Regulation:

This unit provides you will all the information necessary to address the body portion of healing:

  • What People in Crisis Need
  • Body Work Part 1
  • Body Work Part 2
  • Sleep
  • Medication
Unit 5

Application of Trauma-Informed Care:

This unit addresses the 5 most common areas we see impacted by trauma, and how to minister to people who are in those situations:

  • The 6 Pillars of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction
Unit 6

Equipping Your Ministry:

The lessons in this unit describe the process in equipping your ministry to provide trauma-informed care:

  • The Equipped Ministry
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching
  • Demons or Trauma?
Unit 7

Self Care for Leaders:

This unit provides you will the tools to provide yourself with realistic and effective self care:

  • Boundaries 101
  • Self Care for Leaders
  • Counseling for Leaders
Unit 8

Next Steps:

The final unit in this program provides lessons on how to set up yourself and your ministry for lasting success:

  • When to Refer
  • Referring to Counselors
  • Referring to Groups

There is a way to bring lasting, life-changing healing to the people you serve.

Learn the strategies mental health professionals use to help people move through difficult situations, past and present, to effectively move toward a place of lasting healing and peace. 


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I'm Sharon Wegman


After I became a licensed, professional counselor, it felt like something clicked in my brain. I have spent over 30 years in ministry and working with faith-based leaders, and found that myself and other leaders kept hitting the same roadblocks when it came to handling crises with the people we served. After 28 years as a mental health professional, I decided to develop this course that addresses those roadblocks: faith-based leaders are faced with nearly identical situations as mental health professionals are, but without the training. 

It is my passion to equip and coach leaders to have the ability to bring full, life-changing, and lasting healing to the people they serve. I am fully committed to educating leaders on what they need to know about the science behind trauma, and helping them work toward a ministry of people who know how to access healing who can go forth and do the same for their community.